John Eismeier
Seeking New Role contributing to Linux/Infrastructure/DevOps/SecOps/Cloud/Site Reliability/ quick video below build proposal

Some docker fun just in case emacs is not handy - C-z to kill evil - ELK

              curl -fsSL -o
              sudo sh
              docker pull humitos/emacs-x11-alpine
              docker run --rm -it -e DISPLAY -v $(pwd):/src -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix:ro   -v $XAUTHORITY:/root/.Xauthority  humitos/emacs-x11-alpine

              docker run -d -p 9200:9200 -p 9300:9300 -it -h elasticsearch --name elasticsearch elasticsearch
              docker run -d -p 5601:5601 -h kibana --name kibana --link elasticsearch:elasticsearch kibana
              docker run -h logstash --name logstash --link elasticsearch:elasticsearch -it --rm -v /tmp:/tmp logstash -f /tmp/logstash.conf

LinkedIn CV with text Resume below
John Eismeier
Worcester, MA  01602	508.635.7384

Principal DevSecOps Tools Engineer & Scrum Master
Improve Quality | Create New Products | Increase Security | Automate

Leverage knowledge of hardware and software tools systems and DevOps
environments to build, test, and continuously deliver product using
secure infrastructure. Serve as go-to person for technical
solutions. Safeguard business units against issues, including down
time, data loss, and security vulnerabilities. Provide role access to
internal development and external business. Work closely with security
offices safe guarding issues like ShellShock, HeartBleed and WannaCry
for VPLEX business unit. Scrum Master coaching for both DevOps /
SecOps / tools and LabOps enabler teams.

Technical Skills

Python, Bash, Puppet, Ansible, YAML, Rake, Make, Cmake, Ruby, SQL, HTML, NodeJS, Maven, Ant, RPM, DPKG, GNU tools, Zypper, dnf
Gitlab, VMware, Docker containers, Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, SuSE, SLES, Alpine, Windows, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Cloud, AWS
Jenkins, Gitlab CE/EE, Puppet, Ansible, JIRA, Artifactory, Blackduck, ClamAV, DNS, SAN, NAS, LDAP, Github
Postgresql, MySQL, Redis, Xapian, MSSQL
Gitlab, Coverity, Tableau, JIRA, Nessus STIG, Sonar, Artifactory, Nagios, Cacti, Munin, ossec, Bro,  KIWI, VMware studio, Bullseye, clamscan, savscan, ESET, splunk
Scrum Master for DevOps and LabOps team, Mentor, Security Vulnerability Management, Open Source Contributor


DELL EMC CORPORATION, (previously EMC) Hopkinton, MA
DevSecOps Scrum Master	2014 - 2017
    - Introduce Jenkins/Artifactory to replace legacy product build system with common off the shelf tooling improving build time from 8 hours to 2 hours reliably.
    - Matured new Jenkins/Artifactory build system so that Product Managers were enabled to create product releases to partners and customers.
    - Delivered migration from legacy Cloud to next generation Cloud Native with near zero downtime of development and release services provided.
    - Site Reliability contributor configuring Nagios for all critical servers/services in new Cloud Native infrastructure.
    - Improved code quality and received "Silver Award of Excellence" by developing automation using Coverity static analysis tools to block defect introduction during code commit.
    - Consumed Gitlab CE/EE as continuously delivered product by frequent Gitlab deployments via Puppet providing bug fixes, added features, i.e. squash commits.
    - Transform product defect tracking from legacy ClearQuest to JIRA keeping a backlog of must fix issues that were exposed to leadership team.  Provided operational support/assignment migrating to JIRA.
    - Safeguarded project/product resources by managing access controls of colleagues that left by driving defect reassignments guided by leadership input.
    - Performed Scrum Master rituals; daily standups, planned sprints, reviews, and fun retrospective; delivered value to business with each sprint; published progress team completed, ensuring staff could learn, review and speed up product delivery.
    - Enabled team members to develop and contribute to product deliverable goals by reviewing and repairing Nagios/Puppetboard reported issues of infrastructure daily.
    - Certified delivery of new product was ready for release during every code commit by providing new end-to-end pipeline support in Jenkins of 30-day monitoring appliance.
    - Protected infrastructure from Ransomware and improved product by repairing HeartBleed, WannaCry and ShellShock issues and managing vulnerabilities for developers and products.
    - FOSS/Blackduck process contributor and earlier adopter socializing how to use; increasing legal approval time of FOSS integration into product.

Principal Build / Release Engineer	2013
    - Proposed Tableau reporting after BI tools evaluation of TIBCO, Pentaho, Tableau; Built server/desktop infrastructure that successfully replaced spreadsheet management.
    - Developed email push automation to mobile devices on daily Tableau reports, keeping management informed of progress and meeting business objectives established each quarter.
    - Learned and mentored current home grown VPLEX build / release platform, keeping software products released to customers.
    - Regular security audit implementing best practice post 2011 hack driving patch management processes and vulnerability assessments.

Principal Build / Release Engineer / Solutions Enabler  2012
    - Created WPAtools virtual appliance with KIWI build tools SuSE/SLES JeOS platform. Portable disposable web for NetAPP hot spots used in dark / secure data centers. Appliance was patched with seccheck and NESSUS credentialed STIG scan for security application and appliance hardening.
    - Ensured appliance shipment by completing legal compliance and patent review requirements for third-party, expanding VPLEX spreadsheet for legal with VMware branding.
    - "Gold Award of Excellence" for the delivery and support of the WPAtools appliance packaged on a thumb drive.  This appliance included collaboration with Mitrend.  The appliance incorporated XFS, PVSCSI, VMXNET3 drivers for optimization of the analysis and reporting.
    - Site Reliability contributor deploying and management of ESXi servers, Virtual Machines, security patching and hardware replacement.
    - Created automation for ClamAV daily product scans migrating away from legacy McAfee reporting deficiencies to Corporate IT and McAfee.
    - "Silver Award of Excellence" for GIT SCM migration proposal replacing legacy CVS solution.

Senior Linux Engineer	2011
    - Enabled business growth by delivering faster performing Linux infrastructure completely DNS managed with use of djbdns and powerdns; large-scale email campaign infrastructure using qmail and sendmail was patched every quarter for vulnerabilities with near zero downtime controlled by Satellite Server/Spacewalk.
    - Increased capacity of infrastructure meeting developer's resource needs; quarterly patching of mission critical Oracle RAC RHEL Linux for financial operating of company; deployed custom Kickstart / Satellite Server Virtualization for multiple data centers RHEL/CentOS based.
    - Site Reliability contributor including pager duty, break/fix work, root cause analysis, capacity planning, log analysis, Cacti, Munin, Nagios, Icinga and splunk.

Principal Release Engineer	2010
    - Certified product was ready for test or release after every successful code commit by automating Jenkins CI server for C++ and Maven / java builds and tests.
    - Ensured product and developer work environment was virus free by using ClamAV product scans and ESET desktop software, developing Jenkins CI job using Bullseye 8.0.12 test coverage report, and integrating custom Debian packages to development VM.

Additional Experience

EMC Corporation, Hopkinton, MA
EDA / Tools and Infrastructure Engineer

CLARiiON, Westborough, MA
Senior Software Tools and Infrastructure Engineer

Senior Software Tools Engineer

Senior Software Tools Engineer

Senior Engineer

Mechanical Engineer


    - Master of Science (MS), Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA
    - Bachelor of Science (BS), Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA